Due to the Five Star imprint cancelation, effective October 20, 2022, Jeff contracted with Roan & Weatherford Publishing Associates, LLC, a subsidiary of Oghma Communications, LLC, for the publication of Rawhide Jake: Westward Ho! The Life and Times of Detective Jonas V. Brighton, Book Three in hardcover under the Hat Creek Press imprint to be released in June 2023. Paperback, large print and eBook editions of the whole Rawhide Jake trilogy are scheduled for release throughout 2023. Additional contracts have been executed with R&W under the Hat Creek Press imprint for novels Paradise Creek in 2024 and Sticker Joe Spurlock, Uno Diablo Tejano series and The Morrow Saga series, in 2025. Also, under contract with R&W are two thrillers Jeff crafted in the past to be re-published at a date yet to be determined. Furthermore, in March 2023, Jeff will submit a novel manuscript about a Manhattan Project engineer’s struggle with guilt over his involvement with the atom bomb development.